...::: AWARD OF THE YEAR :::...

          The Award of the Year was created with the intention of detach the pretiest and well deed award of our collection. All the members, except the owner of this website, will participate every year.

          The choice of the winner will be deed by the owner of this website until 31 of January and in February 01 the award winning will be presented in this page, with technical information where we will present the award, the award program and his creator, with the Award of the Year, his award and a link to his AP. Good luck to all!

2017's AOTY Winner
Timelines Awards
Friedrich Hornischer

Award Program established fourteen years ago and which remains online, the Timelines Awards stands out for its seriousness and competence and presents new, truly innovative and beautiful award graphics. This program aims to honor webmasters who present new ideas and new aspects of possibilities to manage life in the coming decades and this is something to be admired.

Timelines Award

2016's AOTY Winner
Moon Award
Owner: Jenny Maass

The award-winning award set was created in 2012 by Jenny Maass and consists of a starburst background with predominant red color, in the upper central part is presented an image of a planet with the title "Mond Award", followed by the theme relating to the category of the award and forming a beautiful and harmonious ensemble.

Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards

2015's AOTY Winner
This year, unfortunately, I did not choose any winner.

2014's AOTY Winner
LTS Grail Award
Owner: Luuk Franken

The award was designed originally in 1998. It was a steel egg in a golden grail, which was intended to mean that the site awarded was like an egg, full of wonders and potential for the future, while the grail is a mystical object, reflecting the wonders of the site . It was later re-designed in 2001 and 2002. In 2005 the size was slightly altered and again in 2006, but the original idea behind the award was retained in all cases. Therefore it still shows the egg in the golden grail.

Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards

2013's AOTY Winner
Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards
Owner: Tony Duthoo

Award set created by Tony Duthoo that presents a silver streaked plate as background with globes in colors that identify the award category (also identified by the number of golden stars on the left side of the award), a open book featuring its special attention to the content, a white plate on the bottom to put the name of the winner and measures of 140x150 pixels in JPEG format.

Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards

2012's AOTY Winner
Time Keeper Award Program
Owner: Sandra Gerbers

Award set created by Sandra Gerbers, with a beautiful image of an old watch and measures of 110x147 pixels in GIF format.

The designs created by Sandy, especially the graphics, are famous worldwide for being beautiful and tasteful, who does not want to present one of them on his website? Visit one of Sandy's sites and check what we are saying.
Time Keeper Award Program

2011's AOTY Winner
Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program
Owner: Sandra Gerbers

Award set created by Sandra Gerbers, with nice golden edges and measures of 100x130 pixels.

Like any other graphic made by Sandy, the Fun Tyme awards are absolutely classic and beautiful, she is a great graphic artist and prefers simplicity with letters and simbols that say everything than creating awards packed with information.

2010's AOTY Winner
Wusblum Award Program
Owner: Wilfried Müller

Awards set created by Wilfried Müller in 2010, with design in 3D, presenting the symbol of the city of Cologne in Germany and with the measures of 100x125 pixels and 6.40 kb.

The awards of Wilfried, always honoring his town, have a clean and very nice design in 3D, making them coveted by awards hunters around the world

2009's AOTY Winner
Pelaqita Persians Award Program
Owner: Susan MacArthur

Awards set created by Jo Phillips in 2008 with photos of the wonderful cats of Susan MacArthur, with nice golden edges and measures ranging from 107x137 to 130x157 pixels.

The assembly of the background, gold accents and pictures of cats formed an image that demonstrates impeccable refinement and good taste.

Poetic Soul Counters